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Cindy's Story

About Us

Cindy Huzenman is a distinguished organizing expert and the esteemed founder of "Cindyology," a prominent professional organizing firm headquartered in North Miami, FL.

Her journey in the industry commenced as a sought-after consultant for esteemed kitchen and closet companies, who recognized her exceptional skills in interior organization.

In the year 2013, Cindy embarked on the remarkable endeavor of establishing "Cindyology," specializing in the meticulous organization of both residential and commercial spaces, and swiftly expanded its reach to the international arena. She currently serves as a creative consultant to esteemed architects and interior designers, while also engaging as a dynamic speaker for major international corporations and non-profit organizations.

Furthermore, Cindy actively collaborates with renowned television networks, featuring prominently across numerous esteemed magazines and shows. Remarkably, she has even ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship by introducing her own exclusive line of top-tier organizing products.

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